About Bua Beauty

Bua ( Boo-Ahh)

An Irish word meaning:
Victory, triumph, success, talent, skill, destiny, satisfaction
Bua is that energetic happy feeling you get out of doing something incredible.
After you put forward hard work and determination, Bua follows.
The victory, triumph, and success you get out of working through a configuration, blessing, or sacrifice creates an amazing energy, that energy is your own personal Bua.
Bua Beauty & Co. started in 2015.
Our focus is to provide unique and high-class products to professionals in the beauty industry, along with educating to the highest standard. We believe in order to learn or improve your own skills, it all comes with the investment in your education. Our team has put their heart and soul into perfecting our training curriculum’s along with perfecting our products to leave you and your guests impressed.
When you to attend events with our team we will focus on not only advancing your physical skills, but your personal self improvement on striving to be a motivated and positive human being. This is why we have created a program that exceeds most expectations.
Our end goal is for everyone to have the feeling of b u a.