Lash Essentials


Our team has been working extremely hard behind the scenes to perfect a lash extension that would go beyond expectations. We have dedicated our time and energy in finding the perfect product and we are proud to finally be able release them to you. We are thrilled that you can now get your hands on them!

Eyelash Extensions:

When it comes to eyelash extensions, we aim for complete satisfaction! Our Classic and Volume eyelash extensions are not just a generic black extension, they are what we like to call PITCH BLACK.

We believe we have the darkest lashes on the market. This makes your guests lashes look more full, dark, and bold like they should.

Our luxury eye lash extensions are made of a synthetic polyester material.

Why are we so proud of the material they’re made of? This type of extension keeps it’s true curl, appears thicker than what it weighs, and is gentle on the lashes.

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