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*Got an overwhelming amount of orders this Black Friday & we get our next fresh batch in THIS weekend and this adhesive will ship to you in about 1 week!*

This adhesive says it all in it's title. It will express speed your application!
  • 1-2 second dry time (this varies on your humidity levels)
  • Low to Medium Fumes (wouldn't recommend for super sensitive clients)
  • Extreme Black Color
  • Strong hold
  • Latex Free
  • Perfect for both classic and volume 
    • *You will notice if your humidity is between 35-50% and temperature between 68-72 degrees your application will be smoother, although since our adhesive is so forgiving it works great in most environments!
Having an outstanding adhesive is one thing, but that doesn’t matter if it isn’t being used correctly &/or stored properly.  

Follow these guidelines to ensure proper application and storage is being done.

Storing your adhesive:
Store in a cool area and away from sunlight/heat. (I recommend an airtight container)
Be sure the cap is on tight and bottle is sitting upright.
No need to store in the fridge. If you ever feel like the glue is getting thick quickly, lower your room temperature &/or adjust humidity.

Keeping your adhesive fresh for you and your clients:

  • Store properly
  • Replace your adhesive every 4-6 weeks. The more often you replace it the more fresh it will be and your clients retention will sky rocket! (we keep our price where it’s at so it’s easier to replace more often)
  • Shake the bottle for a good 30-60 seconds before getting a new drop. This mixes any ingredients they may have separated. 
  • During application, get a new drop every 20-30 min. 
  • Avoid squeezing the bottle, instead, turn the bottle upside down and let it drop out. Once you get 1 drop IMMEDIATELY dab the top of the nozzle with a lint-free make up sponge and tighten the cap. This avoids oxygen & moisture getting into the adhesive and also avoids clogged/messy nozzles.

*When trying a new adhesive please remember at times you have to adapt and learn how to use it and care for it properly.
For EX. With one glue you may have to use a tad bit more/less adhesive than you would with another.
Another EX.- One adhesive may work best in 25% humidity and another in 40%.